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Chattisgarh Census Data 2001 files
Posted by: STM Member of Group website
Updated: 2007-02-03 01:55:37
Category: GVEP > Census Data and Village Surveys > Chattisgarh Census Data 2001

 The attached files contain the census data 2001 for Chattisgarh.


Brief note on village level amenities data  (VD data)

The Village level amenities data (VD data) is one of the traditional compilations of the Census Organisation.  It gives the name of the village  & its location code, location code of  State, District, Sub-District and CD Block in which it falls, its area in hectares, amenities available such as educational, medical, drinking water, post and telegraph, commercial and co-operative banks, agricultural non-agricultural and other credit societies, recreational and cultural facilities, communication, approach to village, nearest town with  distance, power supply, availability of newspaper and magazines etc. Besides, the details on most important commodity manufactured and land use of each village is presented.

In 2001 Census, the coverage in village level amenities has been further broaden  first time by including a number of other facilities like banking, recreational and cultural facilities, availability of news paper and magazines. Income & Expenditure of  the village Panchayat and  the details on most important commodity manufactured in the village is also provided.  Apart from these, more information on distance(s) of basic educational facililties (namely, Primary and Middle Schools and Collage) and Medical facilities (viz. Allopathic Hospital, Maternity and Child Welfare Centre and Primary Health Centre), Post & Telegraph, (Post Office, Telegraph Office & Telephone), Banking  (Commercial & Co-operative Banks) etc., if not available in the village, are also given

Apart from that the Non-Census village level amenities data, the 2001 Census data on the total number of households, Total Population, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes population by sex (Persons, Males and Females)  for each village  were also added  to have the village level information more  useful to the data users. 

The more emphasis has been given towards the quality of village level amenities data presented in 2001 Census.  With a view to find out erratic or aberrant trends or inexplicable fluctuations in amenity data, the details on  similar information brought out by the state and/or Central Governments were collected and used for verification of the Village level amenities data. The inconsistencies in the data were removed in consultation with the respective district administration. Thus, the extra validation of the   village level amenities data made available in the present  CD for 2001 Census become more reliable.

Village is a statutory recognized unit having a definite boundary and separate land records. In case, a complete village is treated as an outgrowth of urban agglomeration, data on amenities for that village, have not been given in the Village Directory but shown along with the urban component. The village(s) which are considered as a Census Town, the amenities data were not shown in the Village Directory, but the data of these Villages(Census Towns) are presented in  the  Town Directory  as an urban unit. For those villages which are partly merged in an outgrowth of a U.A., the amenities data  of the remaining part of the village Directory for that  particular village are shown in the  Village Directory.

The amenities data for ‘un-inhabited’ villages (villages with no population) have  not been  shown,  and ‘0’ (zero)  appear  against the amenities columns. In case of the un-inhabited villages, only the Name of the village & location code number, area of the village and  the land use data for such villages are  shown in the respective columns.

The reference date for the collection of Non-Census data (amenities data) was 31.3.1999. The source for collection of village level amenities data  were the  concerned revenue  agency in the States/Uts and were supplemented by the  concerned department. As such, amenities data (Non-Census data) presented in the CD  pertains to 31.3.1999. 

In case where a particular amenity is not available within the village, distance at which such a facility is available for that village, has been indicated  using range code 1, 2 and 3 for the three broad ranges viz;  less than 5 km, 5 to 10 kms. and  more than 10 kms respectively. 

 The information on various educational, medical, post & telegraph, banks, credit societies, recreational facilities and land use data are given in numbers. Whereas, for drinking water, communication facilities, approach road, power supply and Newspaper Magazines were given in codes ‘1’ (for available)  and ‘2’ (for  not available) or specific  alpha numeric code.  A copy of the record structure giving details  for  each data field is enclosed separately.   The Land use information is case of four states namely,  Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland  is slightly  different because of prevalence of Jhum cultivation  and therefore the record structure for these four states were different in regard to land use pattern from that of other states/Uts. There are 144 columns information for these four states whereas, the record structure for the other states/Uts are having 141 columns.  The contents of column numbers 1 to 140 are same through out the country. The additional information  for these four states on Jhum cultivation is being reflected in columns 141 to 143.   

The information covering these aspects and incorporating more aspects/ parameters along-with analysis with the help of many cross classified tables in the print format will also be made available in the form of book titled “District Census Handbooks(DCHB)” for each district by the concerned Census Directorates. The DCHB contains Village and Town level amenities data and Primary Census Abstract at village and Town level.

The data have been collected and compiled under the direction of the Director of Census Operation of all the States and Union Territories.  Data have been thoroughly scrutinised and finalised by the concerned Census Directorate under the overall supervision and guidance of the officer in charge of the DCHB unit of the Census Directorates. The officers of Social Studies Division and of Data Processing Division at the Office of the Registrar General, India supervised the finalisation of Village Directory amenities data.


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Chattisgarh Census Data 2001
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