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Vill. survey data Borichowa Pothar
Posted by: rcsdin
Updated: 2007-01-04 00:30:46
Category: GVEP > Census Data and Village Surveys > Village Energy Survey Formats and Data Resources > Others (Village Energy Survey Formats and Data Resources)
Description: The village Borichowa Pothar is located on the foothills of Doyang reserve forest, there is no stream available in the vicinity of the village. Hence potential for micro hydro is ruled out. The average annual wind speed is about 2.19 m/s, which makes wind energy potential an unviable option even for micro Wind Turbines. In regards to biomass based power generation the potential for wood based biomass gasifier is limited as the area suffers from shortage of woody biomass, as the village source woody biomass from external areas and the primary source for wood biomass is the homestead gardens, where woody biomass demand is 100% for cooking energy requirement.
Village Survey Format
State Assam
Name of Nodal Agency AEDA
Address 1 Assam Energy Development Agency (AEDA)
Address 2 Co-operative City Bank Building, UNB Road Silpukhuri
Telephone No: 03612662232
Fax No: 03612668475
Email addr aeda@india.com
Name of Project Executing Org or Agency Resources Centre for Sustainable Development
Address line 1 20, Bye lane 12 (W), Rajgarh Road, Guwahati 781007
Address line 2 India
Tel no. 09864059980
Fax no. 03612525057
E mail mailbox@rcsdin.org
District Name Golaghat
Block Name Gamariguri
Village Name Borichowa Pothar
Census Code 2001 01988300
Latitude 26.19
Longitude 92.04
Distance From Nearest Road 1.5 km
Distance From Nearest Rail Head 23 km
Distance From Block Office 7 km
Distance From Electrical Sub-Station 11KV Line 3 km
Total Population 576
No. Of Households 109
Number of Hamlets/Dalit Bastis 0
Community Buildings 3
Industrial Establishments 2
Commercial Establishments 4
Main Occupation Agriculture
If Agriculture, main crpos Paddy
Solar Insolation
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual Average
4.04 4.55 5.19 5.09 4.92 4.74 4.28 4.33 3.91 4.25 4.48 3.90 4.47
Wind speeds
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual Average
2.59 2.74 2.65 2.29 2.08 1.99 2.00 1.84 1.82 2.00 2.16 2.23 2.19
Biomass Woody
SHP There is no stream adjoining the village with potential head to support a micro hydro unit.
No of sunny days per year 54
Electrical Demand
Household loads
Commercial loads
Industrial loads
Community loads
Load profile, hour of operation per day
Description of load Nos Watts Hours of operation per day Kwh/Day Critical/Non Critical load
  121 8470 5 8.47  
Techonology option proposed to be deployed Solar Photovoltaic (Solar Power Pack / Solar Home System Model)
Estimated project cost Rs. 3254900.00
Means of financing CFA, State share,other source
Revenue generation Rs. 87120.00/annum
Mode of implementation
Equipment supply contracts
Turnkey EPC contract
Name & Address of suppiler/Contractor ADITYA Solar Shop, Under Ministry of MNES,G.S. Road, Christanbasti, Guwahati 781005, Ph: 361 2460101
Operation & Maintence arrangements Energy Service provider, village community
Monitoring arrangements MNES, AEDA, Dist. administration
Role of local community in planning Implementation, Revenue generation & management

Village Energy Survey Formats and Data Resources
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