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Updated: 2006-11-09 19:13:59
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  1. Assam Energy Development Agency

  2. Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd's implementation partners for the village surveys in Assam such as NGOs, academic institutions etc

  3. Rural communities of upper Assam and North Council hill districts covered under Assam RVEP

  4. Officials of Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources

  5. Officials of Ministries at Central and State level from other sectors such as health, education, rural infrastructure etc

  6. GVEP Partners in India implementing scale up of existing successful pilot projects under the Track 1 focus states strategy of GVEP

  7. Other GVEP Partners in India

  8. NGOs, developmental agencies and individuals working in providing energy services and other activities in rural areas in Assam and other parts of India.


C Knowledge Sharing
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