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Posted by: STM Member of Group website
Updated: 2007-02-03 04:27:48
Category: GVEP > Project Partners

Why GIS and Knowledge Management Tools for Remote Village Electrification Projects?

Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Ltd (SSAEL) has carried out electrification of remote villages in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Chattisgarh. The difficulties faced in the field by SSAEL in location the remote villages, site survey and installation of the projects on the ground have given an insight into the common set of information tools that are needed for planning and implmentation of remote villages electrification projects. For instance, in Arunachal, we found that after doing the site survey of the village, when the installation crew went back with the materials for installing the solar power plant the whole village has shifted because the village moved to a greener pasture of the hillside after the old spot has depleted. Similarly, it was observed that the development activities of the village were not synergised with the electrification of the village as the electrification was carried out by one department whereas other departments such as rural development, water & sanitation, health and education departments were responsible for most of the activities / development programs. No common database is shared between these departments. Determining the status of electrification of a remote village is difficult as the Ministry of Power and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in the Central Government are not aware of the list of remote villages to be electrified as this information is supposed to be known to the state governments. The state governments rely on the distric authorities. In general, the people or departments that are planning the remote village electrification projects find it difficult to obtain reliable data. In many cases, when a village is survyed for electrification with renewables it is found that it has already been electrified, may be through Rural Electrification Corporation which is a central body and that information may not be available with the state authorities.

The project GIS and Knowledge Management Tools under GAPFund of GVEP has been conceived and proposed by SSAEL to build capacity at the national level to plan and implement remote village electrification projects. It also expected the common data base will provide accurate information of the remote village that will help other developomental agencies to plan their activities / programs post electrification. The power of participatory approach will allow the stakeholders to add / update information so that it is continously remains useful.


Project Partners
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