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Updated: 2006-11-09 18:30:58
Category: GVEP > Proposal > D MDG Relevance and Sustainability > Others (Strategy)

Support Services at National Level for Capacity Development, Knowledge Management, MIS and Monitoring & Evaluation for remote village electrification in India (GVEP Track 2 activity) and also for the GVEP Partners under the focus states strategy (GVEP Track 1 activities)

Integrating access to energy services with other development activities

The proposed project will lead to increased coordination in the efforts and optimization of the resources of various ministries such as MNES, MOP, MoRD, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Ministry of Human Resources and the Planning Commission. Provision of access to energy services can be integrated with various other services and programs in poverty reduction, education, health etc for overall development of the rural poor and achievement of the MDGs.

Experience Sharing and Learning from India's National Energy Programmes

The web enabled Knowledge Management tools and the Information Repository of the proposed project will provide the missing link for a viable method for sharing and replicating lessons learned to other beneficiaries and stakeholders through information dissemination.


D MDG Relevance and Sustainability
Sustainability and Risks
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